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What you should ask when you are looking for a hypnotist or hypnotherapist

Covid is here: So is Depression, Nervousness, Stress, and other trelated issues.

We can help, and we are sensitive to the economic stress felt throughout the country.

First, we have reduced ALL our fees for covid-19 related issues to $25 for Hypnosis or Coaching sessions.
Next, we offer a free consultation to assess your concerns, and
Inspire and Motivate you to overcome obstacles such as:

  • stay-at-home depression,
  • anxiety over missing friends and relatives, and the

frustration from:

  • separation,
  • lonliness, and
  • fear.

We help you and YOU CAN DO IT!

We have been doing Distance Hypnosis and Coaching since 2013!
All July and August, 2020 all appointments $25 with CODE "252020"

Sign up for our motivational emals up to 5 each week.

What would you like to overcome?
smoking cessation program success andpersonal  life coaching
b2b wellness 
programs and group programs in person and telephone sessions
Each of our programs is designed around you and what you want.
For example:

  • Become a Non-Smoker for life
  • Overcoming Post-rehab drug addiction issues
  • PTSD
  • Lose weight with our Weight Loss Program
  • Make adjustments for a more fulfilling life with our Personal Life Coaching for Success
  • Get 30-days free access to Hypnosis or Self-Talk recordings.
  • We teach you Mindfullness, considered by many professionals to be the doorway to Self-Hypnosis.
  • For the business and legal stuff click HERE.
Macy's Hypnosis and Success Coaching and Hypnosis Near Me have been here for you since 1998, first with phone sessions, then in our office from 2002 to 2013 and now back to telephone appointments to provide our clients with a better hypnosis experience and more flexible evening appointments. amd a safer environment for you.
Many of Our clients were pleased with the transition from office to telephone sessions and told us they felt as though the sessions were more productive on the phone than in the office.
Almost all clients gave the same reasons:
  1. They did not have to get dressed to go out in public,
  2. They felt comfortable and safety in the familiar surroundings of their home,
  3. They were not concerned with having to refocus their attention in order to drive home,
  4. They could remain in that state of reverie after the completion of their appointment.
  5. Appointment times were more flexible.
  6. Now with covid in virtually every city in the U.S. telephone therapy is the best, safest, and most convenient.

For more information please visit our "About" page linked in the index banner above.

Should you have questions or concerns please call us for clarification. We make an effort to keep all sessions confidential. Confidentiallity does not extend the way Doctor/Patient or Attorney/Client privileges do, and we are not required to be HIPPA compliant.
But we do not discuss your issues without your written permission.

We invite you to call and discuss whatever you want and let us answer your questions. We like the Internet, but we LOVE talking to people and helping them, so go ahead, call us and talk to Jim at 866-375-4162
We are as close as your phone!

Just call to talk to Jim! 866-375-4162 Or Skype drjim.macy

Or, if you rather complete our online Forms there are here for you.

Email Jim Today!

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